Concierge Psychiatric Care for Physicians

Psychiatric programs tailored by Dr. Jennie Byrne, for the specific needs of physicians. 

Dr. Byrne is an adult psychiatrist and neuroscientist with over 20 years of work in mental healthcare.


Dr. Jennie Byrne

Dr. Jennie Byrne is an adult psychiatrist and neuroscientist with over 20 years of clinical and systems-level work in mental healthcare. Known as an innovator in psychiatry models of care, Dr. Byrne is now offering concierge mental healthcare. 

Her new practice is infused with AI and is efficient and effective while simultaneously providing her members with a deeply humanistic experience. She is a great fit for professionals with full lives who value their time. Common conditions treated include depression, anxiety, and adult ADHD.

To learn more, please email Dr. Byrne at or text her at

Jennie is particularly skilled at breaking down complex or daunting challenges to ensure you walk away with a strategic action plan composed of achievable steps.

Dr. Cristine Oropez

Associate CMO, Concertocare

Physician-specific plans to match your work & lifestyle



  • Quarterly asynchronous check-ins.
  • Monthly emails with clinical updates and education.
  • Option to deprescribe
  • eliminate or reduce medications
  • Great fit for physicians with:
    • stable depression
    • stable anxiety
    • stable bipolar disorder
    • stable ADHD


  • Asynchronous check-ins every 1-4 weeks
  • Option for quarterly synchronous video check-ins
  • Great fit for physicians who:are looking for a second opinion
  • Great fit for physicians:
    • would like to switch medications
    • would like to be assessed for adult ADHD
    • are dealing with life stressors


  • Unlimited asynchronous check-ins
  • Synchronous video or phone check-ins two times per month
  • Great fit for physicians who:
    • are going through a life or career transition
    • would benefit from a combination of coaching and brief psychotherapy
    • need help with burnout or moral injury​
    • have more saerious conditions
Why us

The Constellation Approach is Built Around Work-Life Synergy

Dr. Jennie understands the challenges, stressors, and opportunities that Physicians are faced with every day. Each program is built with those in mind.


Our services are tailored to promote overall well-being and health, helping physicians find stability and peace in both their personal and professional lives.


Our flexible check-ins and asynchronous communication options cater to the time-crunched lifestyles of physicians, ensuring access to care when it suits them.


We provide personalized, comprehensive support to help physicians navigate emotional challenges, including burnout and moral injury.


Dr. Jennie is also a leader in the field of practice development, process systems, and change management. Consultations for practice growth can be built into the plans. Enquire for more details.

Dr. Jennie Byrne is also a leader in accelerating growth & innovation in healthcare practices:

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Dr. Byrne has deep subject matter expertise in whole-person health, including both the behavioral and physical dimensions of health. I frequently consulted with Dr. Byrne on complex challenges due to her extraordinary ability to translate between business, clinical, and operations to add value with strategic insights.
Matthew Mayabb Chief of Staff at CareMore and Aspire Health